The Top Ten Trends of Men’s Winter Fashion 2010

Each season every year, brings along some distinctive fashion trends that become the flavor of that particular season. Similarly, mentioned here are the top ten trends of winter fashion 2010 for men. Take a look:Chunky/Ribbed Scarves
Scarves are never out of fashion, in fact, they are a popular clothing accessory which is extensively carried in the chilling winter season. This year its all about getting the chunky/ribbed woolen scarves and wrap them up in style to beat the winter chill.Military Flavor
Military fashion has to be twisted a bit this winters. Just team up the Army greens and Air Force blues with a classic shearling or an aviator jacket to stay warm and trendy. It is a novel winter wear for men this season.Shearling Lined Mid Boots
Mid boots are quite ‘in’ this winter season. These are rather essential to complete the military look. Look for some smart shearling lined mid boots to complement your aviator look.Velvet
A little gaudy it might seem but, velvet is indeed the fabric of the season this year. It is a wardrobe essential for winter 2010 but if you want to go subtle with this style try velvet collared jackets and suits.Tweed
Tweed is still on the fashion tray this season. Check out warm tweeds in warm shades and let the fashion meter soar high with the over all appeal. Be it a blazer, trousers or coat, tweed looks awesome in every form.Camel Tones
The most fashionable color of winter 2010 is Camel shade. So get going and pick up your favorite trench coat, blazer or chinos in the classic tones of camel shades.Socks
Pull up the socks in style this winters, just get a pair of chunky socks that matches well with your boots and put a bit of your trousers into the socks. Let a bit of socks showing above the boot line and you are ready to rock down the street in style.Suits
This season military style is quite obvious in the men suits too. The upmarket, trendy mens wear this year include double breast suits, complementing the best to males with broad shoulders and slim waists.Waistcoats
Waistcoats form an integral part of the entire range of winter clothing for men. They are chic and sexy to carry and can be easily manipulated with jeans, chinos or even suits! Hence, make sure that waistcoats are a part of your wardrobe.Cardigans
Cardigans have hit in with a bang this winter. Thus, let loose yourself and pick up chunky cardigan designs in neutral shades to stay in style this season.

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